Staff Intro

Summer season is on the way and that is exactly why we needed to be prepared! As always, we start early here in Cherso because we want to have everything under control to provide the best service for you! We believe sufficiency is the key!

Thus, our squad is already assembled! New and improved, ready to serve and dance with you all night long!

This year we have new additions to our main core who are to make our summer unforgettable, so stay tuned!

Our beautiful Romy, who decided to come back for yet another year after falling in love with Greece the first time she visited.

Brad, our second Dutch and a fitness freak. Brad adores working out or going jogging, but he turns into a party-animal during the night. The best combination for our long nights that are to come, because energy and good health are key factors.

Alice, a Rotterdam's gal on her second year in a row and a valuable member of our team. Alice is as sociable as it gets, loves partying and drinking, and awaits to meet you all!

You will also get the opportunity to meet Scott, a 19-year-old from Brabant, Netherlands, with a huge personality and the craziest yet on-point ideas. Scott will brighten up your days and nights.

Roosie is back, yet again, waiting to make delightful drinks for you, while not dancing on top of the bar. She is looking forward to spending time with you because you know... what happens in Cherso stays in Cherso!

Jimmy, one of our newcomers. A DJ always willing to play music all night long, mixing everything from House to R&B. He is well-known around Utrecht and now hopes to gain more experience in our deep-blue island.

Guisy, another of our waitresses but not less important. For her first time here in Cherso let's welcome her properly and make this a time to remember.

Robin, one of our cool promoters who's gonna get the word out about our endless nights!! Having fun is a necessity at this point.

Let's also give it up for Esmee, our 19-year-old from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Esmee is a hard-core traveler, gamer, and party-animal. It's her first year as a waitress, so please be extra kind.

Jesse, aka Jayh Sam from Almere, Netherlands, promises never-ending entertainment and sore muscles from extreme dancing! 

Celina, a girl from Bonn was amazed by Cherso’s atmosphere last year and thought to herself it would be a great idea to come back again, to gain some work experience and to get to know open-minded people who celebrate life every day!

Michael, 21 on his first year as a Cameo promoter here in Greece, awaits the awesome time we’ll have together!

And our lovely Lindsey from the Netherlands. It’s her first year at Cameo, too, so let’s welcome her properly.

Sasha, for his second year already, is ready to assist you behind the bar, to prepare cool drinks and shake some diverse cocktails.

And Ella from England. Ella adores our beloved Crete island, and so she comes back year after year. She loves making drunk memories with cool people and she is looking forward to meeting you all!

Sebastian, or as people call him, Papi Sebasto, is another of our DJs! He will turn the club upside down, night after night with awesome beats and Cameo vibes.

Quincy will join us during August and she’ll promote the heck out of our club!! Just wait and you will see what she can do!

Ruben, our DJ CAPPI, a 24-year old from Belgium, will be with us during August. Ruben will set the roof on fire with his unique musical skills.

Thomas, another of our youngsters -only 22- will stay behind the bar this summer to serve you drinks and to make memories with you all. 2021 is going to be the craziest, wildest season ever!

Twan, another of our DJs, will keep us company till the end of July and he will keep us on our feet all night long.

Jan, another Dutch from Alkmaar. Jan loves exercising and partying. He is bragging that he can turn a boring party into a banger so he already set the expectations high!

And last but not least, our beloved Greek girl Alex. She adores animals, painting, and creating one of a kind drinks for our customers. Alex already dreams of our long summer nights!