Serving you the best mood

Our ability to provide excellent customer service would have meant nothing if it weren’t for our soul and spirit. So let our good mood make your Cameo ride an unforgettable experience.
Cameo family does not consist only of people responsible for your music and your drinks. Waitresses are also a successful part of the experience.
They name “Pinacolada strawberry”, as one of our best cocktails, but they also recommend you to taste “Passion of the gods”. It’s amazing how important they also consider talking to you on a deeper level. As they admit “Seeing customers coming back every night is the most satisfying award”.
Unity and fun among the staff are key ingredients of our chemistry. “Interacting with our customers during the night is what we like the most. We want to have an honest relationship, so they trust us. Authentic personality, politeness, hospitality, and staying cool are some of our secrets to building an undefeated bar team.”
To sum up, when teamwork is running effectively in a bar, the benefits are multi-faceted. Working on a team helps employees learn important skills that not only make them better employees but better people, too. Effective teamwork in Cameo makes day-to-day operations run more smoothly.