Remarkable Hospitality

Genuine hospitality that remains unforgettable
The landscape of Crete – genuine, majestic, generous – has left its mark on the Cretan spirit and the mentality of its people: the soul of the locals seems to follow step by step the authenticity and greatness of the landscape. Families ready to offer you vegetables from their garden. Owners of traditional cafes willing to treat you to delicious dako, plenty of raki, and improvised Cretan mantinades to the sounds of the lute and the Cretan lyre. Wise local elders will generously share with you valuable life stories – from those that speak of fateful vendettas and precious values, such as love, honor, respect, family, friendship, offering – along with, of course, countless raki carafes. You will also become part of this island: the hospitality in Crete will be unforgettable!

A paradise of activities and discoveries
Crete is an ideal destination for all kinds of sports and activities in nature. For canyoning: famous for its gorges, Crete is a special natural field. The top is the famous gorge of Samaria, but also the gorges of Aba, Tripiti, Kourtaliotiko, Kamaraiko, Ethia, Eliga, Ha. They are insured and the landscapes you will cross are of unsurpassed beauty and diversity.

For 4×4: all of Crete is full of dirt roads, which offer unique images. They cross mountains, plateaus, but also coastal areas and offer magnificent views. For trekking: innumerable are the walking routes – several in gorges – that make Crete a top trekking destination. Among the best are considered those in the gorge of Samaria, Paleochora-Agia Roumeli, Agia Roumeli-Finikas-Loutro, in the gorge of Votomos, in the gorge of Preveli, in the gorge of Zakros, in the Kamaraikos cave in Psiloritis. Ideal for all water sports and diving are the cosmopolitan resorts of northern and southern Crete, which are bathed by the Libyan.