Recharge your batteries

Fast forward a year, and the nightlife in Crete has shut down. While the restrictions that the pandemic imposed are still ongoing, we decided to interview our two latest DJs, Ruben and Ritchie about the general mood their facing during their parties.

First of all, we asked them which new song is considered as the hit of the summer. “Love Tonight” by Shouse and “Friday” ft. Mufasa & Hypeman (Dopamine Re-edit) by Riton x Nightcrawlers, they answered without hesitation. As for the music preferences, they named “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee, “Coño” by Jason Derulo x Puro x Jhorrmountain, “ Losing It” by Fisher, DJ “Kali” a lot and any Abba song is requested all the time.

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the still unpleasant situation we’re dealing with nowadays, and how we should react to having fun in the bars. 

Our DJs seem to believe that “some people can enjoy summer. Some cannot. Everyone knows it’s a risk going on summer holidays overseas, but in the end, there are happy people in the venue. Young people tend to have stress for months, even over a year now. They need a break from all this. So what a better way to have fun than going to a club and party all night long?”

Ruben advised us to stay sane and everything will be alright.

 After all, they also have concerns of their own, as they characteristically told us “We are here to make people enjoy their nights out. But although we are vaccinated, there is always underlying stress for our health and others. We were only here for a short period, if we had to be in quarantine for a week or so, we would get in serious trouble with our scheduled tour performances…so fingers crossed! Let’s hope everything will be better in the end”

However, no matter the pandemic, a night at Cameo can be quite promising. Lots of people, fun, drinks and the best music are the permanent Cameo ingredients. When the mood elevates and people are starting to have a good time our two DJs believe that reggaeton is the answer. “Nasty reggaeton or moombahton tunes and the venue goes into flirt-mode”.

So don’t miss our starry nights. Cameo is waiting for you to live the absolute experience with your friends!!