New Restrictions

Restrictions allowing only people vaccinated against coronavirus to be served at indoor restaurants, bars, and cafes went into effect in Greece on Friday, with diners broadly in favor of the measure as the country grapples with a surge in infections.

Customers at indoor restaurants, bars, and cafes have to prove they have been vaccinated. It is the latest in a series of curbs aimed at saving the summer tourist season and includes foreign tourists. It does not apply to outdoor venues.

People who have been vaccinated say the restriction is the price those refusing to get inoculated will have to pay.

To be more clear about the restrictions:

Only those who are fully vaccinated and have at least 14 days vaccinated can enter the club. They must provide a QR code on their phone, which is proving exactly that. While entering the club we’re going to scan your code and then you’re good to go.
The same goes for those that have been ill with Covid19 in the last 6 months again.
You cannot enter with a PCR test, a rapid test, or a self-test.