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  • To order promotional shirts, we need to know your size.
  • Without booking your flight prior to February 20th, your placement with Cameo will be cancelled
  • You can also upload a screenshot of your confirmation. Please make sure your name, date and flight time are visible.
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    • Please ask the local government of the city/town you were born. You can order this online.
    • If your birth certificate is not translated into greek completely, we can arrange this with our translator. The cost is 25eu and will be settled upon salary payment
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    • Please upload a valid ID-card(front only) or passport(1st page only). A drivers’s license or bank card is NOT a valid ID in Greece. You can watermark the document if you prefer.
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    • Please upload pictures of yourself which we are allowed to share on our social media channels. It must be high resolution and only of yourself.
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      • To be able to all meet eachother we will try to find a date where most people are able to join. Please give as many dates as possible as we are a big group.
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