Behind the Bar

With bars beginning to open indoors and outdoors, plenty of people want to celebrate with a summer drink. Cameo is fully ready to offer the biggest smiles while our bartenders are here to impress you.
Don’t miss the “Traveler” cocktail, the one we’re truly proud and “Kiwi King”, the summer cocktail, recommended by our experienced bartenders. No matter the mood, our bartenders seem to have the secret power to cheer you up and party with you. They admit that is the most enjoyable thing about this job. They are not as snob as you might think 🙂
Our nights are magical! Between bartenders and customers is created an incomparable bond even stronger than the intimacy between friends. Connecting with people on a deeper level and making their night awesome, gives absolute motivation to our bartenders.
No matter what kind of drink you order, we’ll happily make it with a smile. Nevertheless, Cameo bartenders promise that our drinks have the right recipe to lift you up.