Cameo holds a special place in the history of Crete’s nightlife entertainment since 1993. Situated in the vibrant seaside town of Hersonissos, it has held parties and welcomed thousands of people from all over the world, including many recurring fans!

The atmosphere in Cameo is owed to its legendary nights; an explosive mix of sexy crowds, banging music, ice cold killer drinks and spectacular events. There have been many over the years: fire dancers, street dancing, capoeira shows, live percussion drums, pirate themed nights and many others

The DJs add to the flavour by spinning the latest dance, r’n’b, house and other hits, adding some masterful remixing that produces a tingle in the spine…We have also hosted various DJs from Holland and the UK, making surprise guest appearances

And let’s not forget the rest of our staff members. They put the ‘E’ in Entertainment. From the bar tender shows that Tom Cruise himself would be proud of, to the warm smiles of our waitresses as they serve your fish bowls and freshly prepared orgasmic cocktails, Cameo staff will make you feel special and become lifelong Facebook friends! With an average of 5 languages spoken between them every year, we won’t let language be a barrier to your fun either

Join us on this crazy journey. Carpe diem right here with us! Because in this place, the party never, ever ends…

Love life. Love Cameo