Crete Greece

Greece on top of list of tourist destinations

When tourists think of their next holiday most of them imagine Greece, whether they’re planning on a trip or they just daydream while taking mental notes on their bucket list. 

The statistics might show a small difference regarding the preferences with Italy and Spain following right after, as the research of Royal Elcano Institute and Turespaña document, but

Greece also ranks 7th in the world in terms of traffic, following after very large countries and economic powers (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA).

This specific survey was conducted in September 2020, in 29 countries, with a total sample of 17,300 people focused on travelers and potential travelers to Europe.

Thus, we can conclude that Greece is a global touristic power and that tourism is of strategic importance and global advantage for the country.

Leisure trips, short or long without any specific purpose (cultural interest, wellness, sports), are the most popular forms of travel. These trips are intertwined with the sun and the sea, exploring cities but also nature, gastronomy, and shopping, contributing to domestic economies.

And what better way to experience all that than by visiting our beautiful Herso, with the long coastline, the golden sand, and the deep blue waters. The best destination that combines all the above. Unique scenery, good taste -when it comes to food and pleasure- amazing weather, and lovely people. 

A combination that is meant to succeed!